For Parents

Vocal Lessons are Just A Part of the Big Picture

As a parent, you want only the best for your child. You put aside your own wants in order to help your child achieve their dreams. You know your child like the back of your hand and you are helping guide them on the path to success.

Guidance Along The Path To Success

Sal Dupree has worked tirelessly for decades not only coaching students but guiding them down the right path to success while keeping a level head.  Sal doesn’t let his students take their talents for granted or let them be swept away by the idea of fame.  Most importantly, Sal instills a special confidence that guards students from the jealousy and cattiness often found in the industry.

It All Started with Sal Dupree’s Own Daughter

Kim, Sal’s Daughter and her family

Kim, Sal’s Daughter and her family

Sal believes whole-heartedly that no one has the right to step on or impede your child’s dreams. How does one go from star performer to dedicated vocal coach?  For Sal Dupree, it was his daughter, Kim who set him down his path in life.  She showed him how important it is for children and aspiring stars to have a significant presence in their lives to help them keep a level head, recognize that their own moral conviction is truly important, and understand the value of their own self-worth.

Sal’s daughter was his first student.  He coached her through the pageant circuit all the way up to becoming New Jersey's Junior Miss in 1985 and from there, Dupree Performing Arts was founded.  Not every child will make it to the top and become a huge star, the skills Sal teaches for vocal success are the very same ones that when applied to other aspects of one’s life can empower them in a life affirming way.

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