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Sal Dupree

Life can be funny sometimes. Other times it can be cruel, beautiful, ironic, confusing, or blissful. What you do and who you choose to be in these times is what sets you apart from everyone else. Your heart, your passion, your beliefs, and your convictions are what make you original. They define your signature.

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Sal Dupree traveled throughout childhood and adolescence facing obstacles and setbacks that ultimately led him to devote his life to teaching and guiding emerging talent. Born in Brooklyn, New York Dupree grew up an orphan and was shuffled from foster homes in Camden, New Jersey to an orphanage in Philadelphia where he lived from age 7 to 17.

With extraordinary trials and tribulations, Dupree’s life almost took a turn for the worst. Dupree credits many kind people in his life for showing him love, kindness and generosity of spirit. He claims they provided him positive guidance and enabled him to build a life where he now fosters new artists by not only teaching but, inspiring and encouraging them, with the values and perseverance it takes to follow their dreams and succeed in life wherever their path takes them.

Performance Consulting Services

Every student of Dupree Performing Arts receives performance consulting services directly from Sal Dupree.
If you are dedicated to pursuing a career in performing arts, Sal will teach you the most important lessons needed to succeed:

  • Respect your voice, your talent, and those who are there for you along the way.

Your song made me sing, your teaching gave me wings, forever I will be grateful.

There was no singing teacher or vocal instructor to help Dupree master his abilities.

There was just Luther Vandros and many other famous vocalists and entertainers of the 50’s and 60’s. Dupree learned their vocal styling techniques and, as any good student does, strived to surpass his teachers. By placing his originality onto their songs and infusing his delivery with his very essence, Dupree discovered his Signature Voice.

Sal Dupree

Scene from the movie, Standing Ovation.
Sal is with “the Wiggies”

At the age of 18, Dupree was finally free to pursue a performance career.

While creating opportunities for himself, Dupree wanted to give other children an opportunity he never had—to attend a performance school that encouraged individuality and gave each child the power to control his or her own destiny. As a performer Dupree was a vocalist with several hit recording Doo-Wop groups and later went on to perform with his own band as Sal Dupree and Elegance. They were featured at: Bally’s Park Place Casino, Resorts International, Taj Mahal, and the Tropicana. His performances include The Academy of Music in Philadelphia. While performing he also opened what would become the largest private performing arts school in New Jersey: Dupree Performing Arts.

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Dupree holds countless titles beyond those of vocal instructor.

Awards and credits for his work as a vocalist, music producer, stage director, actor, and creative consultant complete his list of entertainment industry credits. Throughout his career, Dupree has always made sure the students of Dupree Performing Arts have been given every opportunity and lesson needed to help them uncover their own Signature Voice.

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