What people are saying

Bianca Ryan

10 year old winner of America’s Got Talent
Recording Artist and Performer

"Words can’t say how thankful I am for all your help. You have given me the courage, confidence and inspiration to reach the stars."

Marc Antonelli

Recording Artist and Performer

"I have truly been blessed to study with one of the most gifted, talented and quite frankly the best voice coach I have ever had the privilege of being coached by and to work with. Sal Dupree thank you for all of your help and support. The journey ahead for the two of us is sure to be one hell of a ride. Thank you again, Sal."

Calista Quinn

Singer/Song Writer

"Thank you for joining us last night for such an exciting evening. As I watch my Calista break out her first song and video release and of course its all because of your expertise in all aspects of her music career. You have gone above and beyond just the vocals, she has matured before our eyes in a short time all due to your influence. You are a true professional. We all love you! By the way, our friends were in awe over the duet. You amazed them with your beautiful voice!! You were great together!"

Alanna Palombo

Co-star of Standing Ovation Movie

"Thank you Sal for helping me to realize my dream come true."

Gina Majors

Miss Pennsylvania

"I spent lots of time with Sal many years ago... Early 80's... Prepping for club work, for miss NJ '82 and for miss PA '84, which I won due in big part to Sal and his great mentoring! Thank you Sal!!!. "

Dexter Darden

Starred with Queen Latifah in Joyful Noise
Starring in the upcoming

"Sal you started as my vocal coach when I was ten and became my mentor, friend, teacher and brother. You never let me stop believing and I will forever be grateful for the part you have played in my life. "

Dexter Darden

Standing Ovation Movie

Kids Movie Musical

"The Producing and Directing Team at Standing Ovation are forever grateful for the singing talent Sal Dupree brought to the movie along with carefully selecting every song and vocal coaching every performance."

Standing Ovation

Director, Stewart Raffill
Producers Diane Kirman and James Brolin

Standing Ovation

Judy Fitch

Miss Pennsylvania 1992 – 93

"Sal thank you for your guidance, teaching and friendship. I will forever be grateful for the years spent with you. "

Melanie Parson

"Thank you for always believing in me, Sal Dupree! My voice would not be what it is today without you!"

Click here to hear Melanie's song -
"Standing In the Rain"

From Melanie's Mom

I can’t express how much I appreciate all you have done for Melanie and I. I still remember when Melanie auditioned for you. It was around this time of year, she was 9 years old and afraid of you. After several lessons, she realized you were a teddy bear. You have been an inspiration and father figure to Melanie. I can only count a handful of people I’m going to truly miss and you are definitely one of them. I could always count on you to uplift her spirits when she was feeling discouraged. You have believed in Melanie from the beginning.

We will always remember you; hopefully we can prove to you we are sincere. Melanie would not be where she is today without your hard work and dedication. You are a beautiful person and we are blessed to have you in our lives."