Sal Dupree has been named vocal coach of the year

Dupree performed and coached the
cast at the charity event for the Ranfurly Homes for Children in Nassau, Bahamas.

Ranfurly Home for Children in Nassau, Bahamas Ranfurly Home for Children in Nassau, Bahamas Ranfurly Home for Children in Nassau, Bahamas

Sal and Alexandra Maillis-Lynch Chairperson of the Ranfurly Homes for Children

Bernard the MC at the Ranfurly Homes for Children Charity Event in Nassau

Live at the Ranfurly Homes Event

Ranfurly Home for Children in Nassau, Bahamas Ranfurly Home for Children in Nassau, Bahamas Ranfurly Home for Children in Nassau, Bahamas

Sal, Dexter Darden, Austin Powell and
Mikey P performing at the Ranfurly Homes Charity Event In Nassau

Sal and Bahamian singer song writer Damien Davis of "Love That Child"

"Alanna Wannabe" from Standing Ovation joins Sal on stage at the Ranfurly Homes Charity Event

Finding your Signature Voice
  • Who are you when you sing?
  • Are you a singer, an act, a performer, or all three?
  • Are you an emulator or are you an original?
  • Finding your Signature Voice means tapping into your individual understanding of the human soul, pulling out the essence of who you truly are, and then exposing all your potential.
  • If this is what you are looking for in vocal coaching, vocal technique instruction, or stage performance coaching, schedule your audition online today or give us a call 609-926-5551

Your Signature Voice is yours alone, and
such a powerful gift is meant to be shared.

Vocal Coaching

The methods taught at Dupree Performing Arts are meant to enhance your natural abilities. Tone, pitch, and timbre can be manipulated, embellished, and controlled by mastering the mechanics of the body. Every vocalist is unique and our desire is to provide vocal coaching and technique instruction that keeps you original and helps you find your Signature Voice.

Performance Coaching

Performers electrify their audience. A true performer will deliver with such depth and sincerity that the audience won’t be able to help but be mesmerized and fall into a heightened state. Dupree Performing Arts’ performance coaching will teach you to perform a story that grips the audience and gives them, even for just a single moment, a most cherished gift they will hold close to their hearts.

Performance Coaching includes:

  • Mic technique
  • Stage movement
  • Facial characterization
  • Emotional inflection
  • Stage costuming
  • Song selection
  • And much more!

Online Vocal Coaching & Performance Coaching

Online Vocal Coaching

Students travel for days in order to receive an hour instruction with Sal Dupree. From all four corners of the globe, starlets and seasoned performers land in Linwood, NJ eager for the instruction and attention they know will help them breakthrough their barriers to reach their full potential. Not everyone can afford the time or expense of long distance travel (not yet anyway) which is why Dupree Performing Arts offers special online instruction. Call today to see if you qualify for online tutelage.

Performance Consulting Services

Every student of Dupree Performing Arts receives performance consulting services directly from Sal Dupree.
If you are dedicated to pursuing a career in performing arts, Sal will teach you the most important lessons needed to succeed:

  • Respect your voice, your talent, and those who are there for you along the way.

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Discover your Signature Voice.
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